Sunday, January 10, 2016

"What's past is prologue. . ."

Do You Know . . .?

where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were housed (after many long and dangerous sojourns) before coming to rest in peace and safety at the National Archives?

which census was almost entirely destroyed in a disastrous fire before these records were presevered at the National Archives?

the quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest inscribed in stone at the National Archives?

how young the National Archives is compared to most of the government buildings in Washington, D.C.?

the seven basic threats to the life of paper?

the credo of the National Archives is “here today and here tomorrow”?

from whom many of the requests for information come to the National Archives?

the name of the ghost who purportedly haunts the National Archives?

how long it took to build the National Archives and at what cost?

that there were 250 disastrous fires in government buildings between 1873 and 1915?


the name of the river which flows beneath the National Archives?

there is a letter in the National Archives signed by none other than Sioux Chief Sitting Bull himself?

that most nineteenth century records were stored in vertical wooden files, causing creases which easily tear?

each year the federal government creates some seven million cubit feet of records?

appraisers must decide what is worth keeping and what is destined for destruction?

only one to three per cent of records are deemed worth keeping?

there are branches of the National Archives located around the country?

microfilmed rather than original records are available for research?

a computer cannot replace a trained and dedicated archivist?

how many Corinthian columns ring the National Archives?

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Pictures from the official National Archives government website

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