Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tips for Terrific Tweeting!

Whenever I run across an interesting/helpful article related to writing/marketing/social media, I save the link in the appropriate folder. Here are links to 10 of the 25 in my Twitter folder plus one I just ran across today.

I use Buffer to schedule my tweets (writing/marketing/social media related), usually three- four a day on M-W-F, at 9 and 11 AM and 1:30 and 4 PM. I blog on those days, so I also put up a tweet about my blog content to post at 8 AM. Experts suggest one not tweet about oneself more than 20% of the time, so maybe every other week I put up a promotional tweet for one of my books. On Tu-Th-S I spent 15 minutes retweeting--hopefully twice a day. The schedule is workable for me.

I hope you can take away at least one idea from each linked article. Then, like the Pinterest ideas, you have your own customized list to help tweet your way to (writing) success!

Happy tweeting--and follow me @BigChiefTablet!

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