Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Playing on Pinterest

Pinterest is still new enough to me to be fun. I enjoy blogging, but it’s definitely work. Twitter is something I take care of. My Facebook author page and my website must be kept updated. But Pinterest is for play!

(Keep reading for some terrific links about using Pinterest!)

Some of the boards reflect my books, while others related to them in some way. Many of the graphics I’ve created myself, and some of the pictures I’ve taken. Other pictures have been pinned from other boards. Most of the boards I could add to regularly if I’d get into the groove (per my written schedule!) of adding 3-4 pins three days a week.

Ah, now that I’ve shamelessly self-promoted, here are the links I promised! You’ll find a wealth of information here whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned ‘pinner’.

Create your own personalized list of tips that work for you. If you only take away ONE idea from each article, you’ve richer by TEN!

Share your Pinterest link and any tips you have for making better use of this social media venue.

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