Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is there an octopus in your life?

Social Media is an octopus! 
And it’s squeezing many of us to death!

However, I’ve decided to wriggle out of its tentacles and--to that end--set up a schedule to keep me on task.

First, I had to decide which social media venues I wanted to concentrate on and came up with

Facebook Author Page

Why these four?

  • ·        Well, I’m a writer, I enjoy writing, and I’ve been blogging for a long time. And three times a week is doable for me. Therefore, I blog. I like to have a monthly theme, but sometimes the theme only runs for a couple of weeks. I keep a separate calendar to plan my blogs and also a notebook with lists of past blogs which might be re-born at some point in time.

  • ·        Twitter is a nice shortcut. (Follow me @BigChiefTablet). Using Buffer, I schedule four tweets on the same days I blog (M-W-F) and add a “blog tweet” on each of those days. On Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday) I spend 10-15 minutes re-tweeting/replying to tweets.

  • ·        Most days, I re-post 1 or 2 older tweets to my FB author page. Twitter was posting my tweets to both my personal page and my author page, but all of a sudden, the author page came up empty of tweets. I’m still trying to figure out why.  Canva is a great app for making eye-catching visuals. I like to do at least one per day. Right now I’m using pictures sent to me monthly by Morgue File (no attribution required) and adding quotes about writing and writers.

  • ·       
    Pinterest is just plain fun! I have four new pins scheduled on T-T-S and a new board once a month. However, I’m still working on getting into the groove with this one!

Finally, I’ve scheduled a day once a month to update my website. It’s done for January! And, there’s a sneak peek/free read of my newest release, Four Summer Days for a limited time. (It’s available now at Amazon, too!)

Now that I’ve shamelessly self-promoted (and shared a few ideas about how I’m trying to tame the social media octopus in my life), how do YOU organize your social media time?

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