Sunday, November 22, 2015

Haunted by His Past

Profile:  Tom Morgan

Vital Statistics:
·       Born April 5, 1855
·       Two brothers (Jem and Cart), one sister (Laura), three half-sisters (Virginia, Pet, Polly)
·       Attended school  until age 15
·       Has “understanding” with neighbor Mariah Whitby
Person He Admires Most
·       His father, Thomas Harkness Morgan, who died when Tom was ten
Greatest Challenge:
·       To get his mother, two brothers, and twin half-sisters away from the cruelty of their stepfather/father
Price of Success:
·       Reliving those Four Summer Days every year for the rest of his life
What He Loves
·       Family
·       Mariah
·       The old family home place on Morgan’s Mountain

Releasing November 30
What He Hates
·       Stepfather Micah Baker
·       Cruelty and injustice
His Greatest Regret
·       Not realizing what was happening to his sister Laura
Greatest Strengths
·       Determination fueled by love
·       Gentleness
·       Ability to recognize the worth of his brother Cart who is mentally challenged
Greatest Weakness
·       Inability to forgive himself
What He Wants Most
·       To keep his family safe
·       To marry Mariah and establish his own family
Greatest Encouragers
·       His half-sister Ginny (his father’s daughter) married to his mother’s younger brother Randolph
·       Ex-slaves Hoag and Sam who return to the home place when the situation changes
Greatest Success
·       The succeeding generations of the Morgan family

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