Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why the relaunch?

  This month marks the relaunch/re-release of The Dreamland Series with new covers and new titles. Why? Well, several reasons.
  When I launched The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series in the summer of 2013, I hoped for sales of 200-300 books. Besides offering Book #1 (The Bogus Biker) free for a few days and doing the requisite social media promotion (and not much of that), I didn’t do a lot of promotion. Still, the books took off like wildfire. I stopped counting sales at 23,000+. And, they're still selling.
So, when I released The Dreamland Series (romantic suspense), I rather hoped for the same success. Wrong. So what happened? I knew the stories were good, and the books had been carefully edited. I took a good long look, and it became clear:

 The covers were blah. Yes, blah. AND the titles didn’t allude to the content.
  Those were fatal errors, but they could be fixed. First, I thought of the titles and compared them to what had tickled the fancy of the readers who bought Penelope. They were “campy”, as intended. The subtitle clearly indicated they were cozy mysteries enjoyed by so many. So, new titles. Check.
Then I took a look at the covers. Yes, I’d gone the do-it-yourself route with Penelope, and it worked. I’d fallen in love with the pictures I’d chosen for Dreamland, but. . .they didn’t work. A quick email to graphic artist Jessica Richardson (who did the great cover for A Very Kate Christmas) produced the following covers and boxed set:

Now it’s time to do the promotion I didn't do for Penelope. When I took down the old version of Dreamland, the reviews went with it, so I’m offering a free Kindle copy of Book #1, Lethal Legacy in Dreamland, to anyone who will commit to an honest review. If you don’t like it, say so, but I think you will. (Use the contact form on the left.) If you do like it and review it, contact me again for copies of Books # 2 and 3. Now, that’s a deal! 

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Billie Louise said...

Judy, you really looked again, coolly, and started over with the launch. This takes determination. It will surely be rewarded. Best ~ Billie Louise