Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The best laid plans. . .often turn into more!

What started out as a 40K word novella is moving toward a full-length novel. Ruthann’s War was going to be a ‘fun write’--a break from the hard work of putting together two series in three years. The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series spun into six books, while The Dreamland Series wound up with only three (thank goodness!). With a book and a sequel needing to be formatted for publication, I decided I’d earned some R&R, which for me meant some no-stress-no-pressure tale spinning. Hence, the idea for Ruthann’s War.

The entire point of the new story was to give ‘blogging a book’ a try. I’d done it before with plenty of views but then ended up taking it down and making it book #1 of a series. This was going to be just for fun, you understand. Alas, as the poet Robert Burns wrote prophetically, The best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft a-gley. And mine did.

Oh, yes, I brought in the finished story quickly and under 50K words, but in the process I fell love with the two MCs--Ruthann and Jeff--and I couldn’t give them short shrift. So the revisions began, and I added a bit here and a bit there, and I’m still at it!

Ruthann  Her fiance died when his B-17 went down over Germany in 1943. She doesn’t want to admit it was just a wartime romance, but now she can barely remember him. When she arrives for her first teaching position in Camden, she meets Jeff and sets off a storm of controversy in the small town.

Jeff  A German shell knocked him head over heels during the war to end all wars years before Ruthann was born. He’s held onto the ruined leg and a past which haunts him. One look at Ruthann convinces him he’s finally ready to move forward to being more than just the superintendent of the Camden Schools.

Joan is devoted to the father who raised her, she’s not ready to give him up to anyone--much less Ruthann who’s only a year older than she is. And she’s not ready to confess her secrets to her father either.
Rena  doesn’t hide her ethnic background because she’s ashamed of it but because other people wouldn’t see her as the same person if they knew the truth. She owes Jeff for her narrow escape from a mistake that might have shattered her life, and she knows Ruthann is right for him.
Julia  helped Jeff raise Joan and has hidden the truth about them for  years. But her desire for revenge against the person who took the love of her life may explode a ticking time bomb.
Merle takes what she wants and doesn’t care about the wreckage she leaves behind. And she wants Jeff.
Nathan knows Merle killed his brother no matter what the coroner’s jury ruled, and he’s not going to live the rest of his life with justice denied.
Ricardo Cabrera  didn’t have the chance for an education as the son of impoverished immigrants, but his ability to run the school plant and fix anything that goes wrong has earned him the respect of the entire faculty and staff. But he can’t fix what someone is doing to Ruthann and Jeff.
Tomas Cabrera did his duty for Uncle Sam and returned to enter law school at the University of Texas. He has a bright future, but his heart is in Camden with the girl he’s loved since sixth grade.

Coming Soon. . .Somewhere. . .Watch for it!

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