Thursday, September 10, 2015

Say what? 5 questions Trixie needs anwered NOW!

Trixie Blake has questions. Lots of them. And somebody somewhere has answers, but they’re keeping quiet.

1.  Are the Drummond sisters old, confused, or just plain nuts?

Misses Stella and Letha Drummond run the popular Style Shoppe on the first floor of the Quimby Building which Trixie inherited from her grandfather. But they seem to think the second floor is occupied by the ghost of none other than Al Capone. Trixie finds this difficult to believe--even when she smells the cigar smoke!

 2.  Can she trust anybody in Dreamland?        

Her high school chum Rudy James, proprietor of the Twilight Bar and Grill, describes the plot afoot to take over the whole downtown, including Trixie’s building. He says he’s not going to budge, but his wife works for the company fronting the deal.
Mitch Langley offers her a friendship built on their mutual loss of spouses, but his father is trying strong-arm Trixie into selling out.
Candace King says she knows all about Dreamland’s past, but she’s not telling Trixie what she needs to know.

3. Is her life actually in danger?

Someone breaks into her hotel room not once but twice, throws a rock through her window when she changes locations, steals her gun and leaves it at the scene of a murder, slashes her tires, plants threatening notes and “gifts” around--and all the police chief can advise is to leave town like yesterday.

4.  Was her grandfather the “grand old man” of Dreamland, or did he perpetuate his own father’s dubious legacy, including working hand-in-glove with Al Capone?

His lawyer sings his praises, while Candace King has a different take on things. Trixie’s not sure what to believe, especially after she finds trunks full of family treasure in the attic of the deserted family home and later gains access to the spartan apartment at the hotel which was his last home.

5.  Why did her grandfather leave her his building, her mother his fortune, and her brother nothing?

Trixie’s never understood the estrangement between her mother and grandfather or why it carried over to her brother Bill and her. Did he love her after all and want her to have something to fall back on? Or is the legacy a devious plan to get her out of the way for good--and for what?

You'll find some answers in Book 1 of The Dreamland Series available now at Amazon for Kindle. 

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