Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Friday Five: Spotlight on Five Fellow Authors

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but just as “people need people”, so “writers need other writers. Writing  isn’t a competition, so we need to support and promote each other around the web. Over the years I’ve put out lots of calls for guest bloggers and worked my schedule around theirs. Unfortunately, I see very few similar call from other authors.
Of course, we all get busy, but having  guest bloggers has the advantage of providing one a break from actually writing blogs and gives some extra time for other important things.
When I was making my blog schedule for this month, the theme was character development.  I decided to make the final Friday Five a spotlight for five fellow authors who have developed some fascinating characters of their own. So here we go. . .

Nikki Andrews
who just happened to be a great tough editor for one of my traditionally pubbed books!


Find it here.

Come back next month when she’ll be solo-guesting at The Word Place.

Sharon Davidson
whom I met online through The Wild Rose Press and then at their conference in NC in 2011


Find it here.
Find it here.

Stay tuned for more information about the coming sequel to her first novel, Emily’s Locket.

Blanche Manos
with whom I once shared an author table and  our commitment to clean reads.

Find the books here.

Blanche will also be solo-guesting to promote her new release.

Barbara Martin
 the publisher of Folk Tales ‘n Things whom I met through Clean Indie Reads on FB.


Find it here.

Donna Alice Patton
Last but not least, my ‘partner in crime’ who inspired the Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mysteries
 and is my trusted indie editor.


Find it here.
Find it here.

Donna will also have a new release soon.
She  also writes mysteries for mid-grade students.
Visit her website to view all her offerings.

Give these authors a good look and pass on anything which interests you. There’s bound to be something!

And wherever you are, remember to

Support Your Local Author!


Nikki said...

Thanks for featuring me, Judy! By the way, you were a joy to work with.

Donna Alice said...

Thanks Judy! I never looked so good!