Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Re-cap and Link List

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The focus for August at The Word Place has been “character development/creation. The views (according to the counter) have been pretty spectacular for a relatively unknown blog. I hope I’ve offered you some useful information. Just in case you missed any of the blogs with great links, I’m reposting those links here.
Happy researching and writing, and may all of your characters be really real!



Bonus:  Visit my website for a free PDF copy of Off the Shelf, stories and poems about strong characters who know how to live, love, and survive. (There’s a bonus section with some free chapters and even full-length stories from Lethal Legacy in Dreamland and A Very Kate Christmas.)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Friday Five: Spotlight on Five Fellow Authors

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but just as “people need people”, so “writers need other writers. Writing  isn’t a competition, so we need to support and promote each other around the web. Over the years I’ve put out lots of calls for guest bloggers and worked my schedule around theirs. Unfortunately, I see very few similar call from other authors.
Of course, we all get busy, but having  guest bloggers has the advantage of providing one a break from actually writing blogs and gives some extra time for other important things.
When I was making my blog schedule for this month, the theme was character development.  I decided to make the final Friday Five a spotlight for five fellow authors who have developed some fascinating characters of their own. So here we go. . .

Nikki Andrews
who just happened to be a great tough editor for one of my traditionally pubbed books!


Find it here.

Come back next month when she’ll be solo-guesting at The Word Place.

Sharon Davidson
whom I met online through The Wild Rose Press and then at their conference in NC in 2011


Find it here.
Find it here.

Stay tuned for more information about the coming sequel to her first novel, Emily’s Locket.

Blanche Manos
with whom I once shared an author table and  our commitment to clean reads.

Find the books here.

Blanche will also be solo-guesting to promote her new release.

Barbara Martin
 the publisher of Folk Tales ‘n Things whom I met through Clean Indie Reads on FB.


Find it here.

Donna Alice Patton
Last but not least, my ‘partner in crime’ who inspired the Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mysteries
 and is my trusted indie editor.


Find it here.
Find it here.

Donna will also have a new release soon.
She  also writes mysteries for mid-grade students.
Visit her website to view all her offerings.

Give these authors a good look and pass on anything which interests you. There’s bound to be something!

And wherever you are, remember to

Support Your Local Author!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who's that wandering by?

   This blog could be titled, “Confessions of a People-Watcher” because I like to observe folks in places where I find myself with my trusty notebook and time on my hands. Take the airport, for example. Reviewing years-old notes in a folder labeled “to transcribe” and which obviously haven’t been, I find these interesting characters:
  • a group of very young men in uniform, obviously new recruits probably on their way to their first assignment
  • a double-amputee vet in a wheelchair--a stark contrast to the above
  • a young woman wearing fatigues, texting
  • a priest in a long back robe
  • a monk wearing his brown habit
  • two young boys, their heads shaved except for spiked “Mohawks”
  • a wheelchair-bound girl wearing a cowboy hat
  • a woman trying on a turquoise cowboy hat in one of the shops
  • a young guy, walking around and around the seats in the waiting area at a frantic pace while talking on his cell phone
  • two kids with cell phones pressed to their ears--supposedly their accompanying parents were footing the bill!
  • a blonde man in a sport shirt pushing a double stroller with two mixed-race children, followed by a woman in a long dress and head covering carrying an infant
  • a man (I won’t profile but you can use your imagination) with a beard, wearing an untucked long-tailed golf shirt, looking around and scratching where he shouldn’t (in public)
  • Finally, a black flight attendant with grey hair worn in a large bun--older, probably late 40s, slender, very attractive, graceful--and in her I found the image for my protagonist “Cordelia/Cordy” in an interracial romantic suspense which hasn’t made it out of my computer yet--but definitely will! (She was truly eye-catching!)
   Moving from the airport to a hotel, this one in Hawaii: A man sits in the lobby of a posh tourist hotel as night falls. He is casually dressed in a short-sleeved shirt buttoned to the neck and conventional slacks and black shoes. His dark hair is white at the temples. He wears glasses and a wedding ring and reminds me a little of the Christian musician George Beverly Shea. He sits alone looking around rather aimlessly as the band plays behind him on the patio. I wonder if he is waiting for someone or simply reliving a memory. I hope for the former but somehow feel the latter. 

   More “characters” fill the list beside me, but these in particular seem to beg to populate a short story or a novel. Everyone has a story begging to be told.
   In my notes I also found a quote attributed to someone named Leigh Michael who spoke at a writing conference I attended. She says, “You don’t have to have a detailed description of every character you meet.” I agree, though I like to have an image of my two main characters as I write, working their physical description into the story a little at a time and telling who they are through their actions and dialogue.

So do you see anyone in my list who wants to jump into your story? 

      Friday: The Friday Five spotlights 5 fellow authors!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The best laid plans. . .often get even better!

   The plan for this blog was a list of other blogs dealing with writing fiction--specifically, developing believable fictional characters. I typed in “characters, fiction, development” and came up with a long list of sites and articles. By chance I clicked this--and if you don’t do the same, you’ll have missed a list of ideas and resources most writers only dream about having at their fingertips!
   Charlotte Dillion, a native and still resident of Louisiana, compiled this single page--but there’s so much more. DO go to the top of the page and click through the three tabs there. You’ll find yourself wandering in a never-ending wonderland of information. I noticed that this website has been listed several times as one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest. That’s a huge recommendation!
Don’t stay one more minute on this page--GO to Charlotte’s website NOW! 

Tomorrow:  Characters I’ve Seen in Public Places