Friday, July 24, 2015

What's on your (writer's) bucket list?

Recycle and Repurpose
A ton of articles by bloggers with some credibility recommend recycling and repurposing blogs. It’s a great idea!
So this is recycled and repurposed from May 21, 2012--but, of course, it’s updated.
Bucket List
‘Bucket List’ has, it seems, become a new catch phrase everywhere. The invitation to my 50th high schoo reunion three years ago (when I wrote this) asked us for a ‘bucket list’ of things we still wanted to do--even at our age! (Avoid doctors? Hope our retirement funds don’t dry up? Survive? You get the idea.) I chose ‘survive’. Not unique but honest.

A Writer’s Bucket List: Fulfilled Since 2012
Penelope did well!
  • Re-wrote and published all six of the Penelope Pembroke Mysteries and racked up some great sales numbers!
  • Decided to stop looking for just the right publisher for Four Summer Days and go indie. It’s in the works  
  • Attended two great writing conferences
  • I did attend a ‘writing retreat’ -- my own homemade version in Denton for two weeks in June.

    My spot!
    My favorite coffee house on the Square

The Unfilled Buckets
  • The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs AR--upcoming in November
  • Visit Natchez MS--upcoming in December


  • Organize a marketing calendar and decide what's reasonable - in the works
  • Plan and stick to a writing schedule--evolving
  • Repurpose blogs to various writing sites online--some foot-dragging going on here!
  • Get involved with 2 online writing communities--studying, making choices

The Golden Bucket   
Write for the pure joy of writing without considering anything else--and that includes sales.

What’s on Your Bucket List?
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