Friday, July 31, 2015

The Friday Five: 5 Things to Do in the Next 5 Months

There are five months left in 2015! Where did the other seven go? Do I even want to know? What have I accomplished? Quite honestly, not as much as I wanted to. So what do I want to do with the time left before the new year?
Until the 18th (when school starts!) I’m committed to Mimi School 3 days a week. But after that, I plan to do an official relaunch of The Dreamland Series with new covers and titles.Though the stories have pizazz, the presenation did not. I admit it. And, I plan to branch out with them from Amazon to Smashwords which offers a wider distribution. 
Great covers as always from Jes Richardson!

My editor has completed work on Four Summer Days which is based on the old family story (I heard at least 3 versions of it!) about how my great-grandfather shot and killed his abusive stepfather. Bloodstained floors anyone? The cover is with my terrific graphic artist as we speak. But by the end of September the book will definitely be out there! 

The cover I think I'm going with!

I had planned a trip to Branson MO to do research for a new book, The Showboat Reunion, with a second stop in Eureka Springs. However, the coming events for November have cancelled these. So I think October will be a time of preparation for November--scrounging up all the partially-written chapters of The Great American Novel which I’ve ONLY been working for about 35 years and which I plan to cobble together into a first draft. Which brings us to November. . .
I’ve been accepted for a two-week residency at The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs AR. It’s an experience I’ve always wanted to have, so I applied with the realization I might be rejected. When the acceptance email came, I was ecstatic! So I’ll spend the first two weeks in November getting organized--writing all my blogs for the month and doing all the promotion/marketing for The Dreamland Series and Four Summer Days, and on the 15th, I’ll drive to Eureka Springs and settle in for the next two weeks! 

Can't wait!

So what could possibly match the November experience? Christmas in Natchez MS! I’m already working on a 7-10 day itinerary to include touring some of the lovely historic homes, experiencing some non-fast-food cusine, browsing antique shops and book stores, and people-watching in cozy coffee shops. I’ve never been to Natchez, so it will be a real treat. 

Historical Holiday

What will 2016 bring? I haven’t thought that far and don’t plan to. But the next five month should be memorable!

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