Friday, July 17, 2015

If only I didn't have to. . .

Today it's short and (not so) sweet! 

I’d rather be lassoed and hog-tied!
Everyone has “stuff” he/she doesn’t like to do and has to do anyway. Writers love writing, but most of us don’t much like the rest of it: revising, editing, proofing, marketing. . .ad nauseum. Sometimes our list would fill a thimble--at other times, a bucket. 

So what’s on my list?

  •    For starters, writing a synopsis. Oh, yes, I know 100K words can be whittled down into 5 pages, but. . Then, my first editor returned my ms to me with the terse comment, “Get rid of the ‘thats’.” She was right, so why do they keep sneaking in so that I have to get rid of them?
  •      While we’re at it, I dislike formatting when I wear my IndieAuthor hat. It’s boring, time-consuming, and thoroughly frustrating.

  •      Next on the list is packing up materials for a book event, unpacking them, and then repacking several hours later. No matter how organized I think I am, I wind up with a jumble!

  •      And, I don’t much like hunting down pictures I can use freely on blogs and such. Sometimes the disclaimers about their availability are shadowy. I don’t want to violate copyright--not even unintentionally.

  •       Last (but definitely not least!) I abhor the necessity for social media. It’s a time-waster and, in many instances, makes my blood boil. Yes, yes, I should organize my time better and ignore the blood-boilers. Humphf!

What’s on your list?
Share what you dread doing as an author? Is it really necessary? Why or why not?

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