Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To find a place. . .a little space. . .meant for only me. . .

   Yesterday began The Great Denton Coffee House Caper aka Writing the Square aka my own personal writing sabbatical aka in the town where I attended college 50+ years ago. It’s changed - - oh, how it’s grown and changed!- - but I still get a lump in my throat when I drive around town. There’s a softness about it as I remember more innocent days; a warmness as I think of the family which took me into their hearts and with whose son and daughter-in-law I still share a sense of family; an excitement when I acknowledge I might  have remained trapped in a cocoon of childish naiveté  without the experience of living away from my childhood home; and overwhelming gratitude for the education afforded me by Texas Woman’s University in the days when it was only for female students and regulated our every action.
   I come for a few days’ visit twice a year. On the last visit, my “sistersan” took me back to the school where I stood on the steps of “Old Main” and felt a renewed kinship with my alma mater and knew I had to come back. So here I am.
  Finding efficiency available for less (much less) than a hotel was the first priority. I settled on ValuePlace on I-35 very near the hotel where I usually stay. My little hideaway is “The Purple Place” because I brought a variety of purple accessories  to make it home for my two weeks’ stay.

  I intend to go much farther afield, however. Writing the Square includes headquartering in one of many coffee houses on the square and around town, something which will happen most mornings beginning tomorrow.
  Today, however, is a “business” day to catch up on several writing-related things—including this blog and The Friday Five.
  So what do I hope to accomplish in two weeks without the (welcome) interruptions of the Small Person, the Wee Bear Cub, and real life? I have a list:
1.      Complete the third (or perhaps it’s the fourth) draft of an unpublished novel called Keeping Promises (Be sure to read the Friday Five to find out more!)
2.      Sift through several promotional opportunities and decide on two or three low-cost options and submit.
3.      Reinforce my recent decisions to spend less time trying to “keep up with the Joneses” also known as other writers whose posts about their writing and marketing adventures stir up serious unrest in my old soul. I can only do what I can do—and should only do what I want to do.
4.      Research in the TWU alumni archives—specifically, I’m hoping they have old student records which might include those of a great-aunt who attended when the university was known as the College of Industrial Arts and who contracted tuberculosis there and later died from it.
5.      Take another ghost tour conducted by master storyteller Shelly Tucker.
Meanwhile, if you missed the free download day for my recent book of short stories and poems, Off the Shelf, check back for another free day coming in the next two weeks. I could suggest you go on over to Amazon and buy it, but free is better.
However, I will suggest. . .

. . .about which you will find more information at my website!

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