Monday, May 18, 2015

Cozy Mystery Author Marla Bradeen TODAY and TOMORROW!

The Lost Witness
a cozy mystery by
Marla Bradeen

Book Blurb:

Take one overbearing mother, one adulterous father's departed ghost, and an unexplained tube of cherry ChapStick, and what do you get? A three-year-old question of who witnessed a man's fatal car crash.

Follow Betsy Holmes as she attempts to solve this haunting mystery while struggling to maintain some semblance of control within her difficult family. When not bickering with her mother, parenting two rebellious teenage daughters, suffering through visits from an uninvited ex-husband, or working in weekend sex with her boyfriend, Betsy's digging into her late father's sordid past.

Brace yourself, Betsy. Your shameful family secrets are about to be exposed . . . and you may not like what you discover.


I surveyed my bedroom furniture, which did sport an un­healthy layer of dust. “Had I known earlier that my mother had decided to move into my bedroom without the courtesy of my consult, I would have spruced up the place before Her Majesty’s arrival.”
My mother’s lips puckered. “You certainly know how to make a woman feel unwelcome.”
You weren’t invited,” I reminded her.
Even so,” she said, capitalizing on one of her favorite ex­pressions. She seemed to think these two little words gave her license to dismiss all common sense and believe instead what­ever she wanted.
I had to unclench my jaw to respond. “Can’t you go home and pretend Dad’s spirit is still around? I don’t imagine he did much for you anyway.”
She watched as Chip inched his nose toward her suitcase. “No,” she said, her gaze never leaving the dog, “you’re prob­ably right.”
Hope flickered. “So you’re not moving in?”
She twisted her mouth, darting disappointed eyes in my direction before resuming watch over Chip. “I’m staying. I simply meant you’re correct about your father not doing much for me.”
The conviction in her voice took me aback. “I meant after his death. Dad did a lot for you when he was alive.”
Like what?” she spat. “Sullying my Buick?”
Sullying the Buick?” I echoed. “Are you referring to when Dad totaled the car? He hardly did that on purpose.”
I’m talking about when he escorted that . . . that person around town.” Her face turned a disturbing shade of maroon. “That car was my pride and joy, even though I understood the motive behind its purchase was hardly noble. That Rick would ruin not only my dignity but that one, small consolation prize just gets my goat.”
I don’t understand,” I said, feeling as though I’d missed a key element of this conversation. “What are you saying?”
Don’t you see, sweetheart?” my mother said with a shake of her head. “Your father was not alone when the car crashed.”

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