Friday, May 1, 2015

A Look at What's FREE Today

The Friday Five invites you to take a peek inside Off the Shelf,
FREE TODAY ONLY at Amazon. Ten short stories, ten plain-spoken poems about journeys through life. And if you enjoy the trip, please consider leaving a review as a signpost for others as they travel. . .

The Stories

Past in Prison 
So Long Ago and Far Away
End of the Road
Justice Lost and Found
The Peach Cobbler Prophecy
Carry Me Home
Tell Me That You Love Me
The Scoop on His Roots
A Good Long Run
Field Work

 The Poems

The Trouble with Writing 
If Wishing Could Make It So
Something Missing
Good Company
Past Time to Be
Dreams and Destiny
The Performance


If you’re like me, you enjoy a quick read while grabbing a bite to eat or waiting in an office or a line. These stories make great reading on the fly. . .and today's the day. . . they're FREE. But the offer is only good for today, so don't wait!

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