Friday, May 29, 2015

5 Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Write

Let’s face it—writing is a solitary occupation. Unless you’re “into” making the rounds of writers’ conferences and conventions, you spend much if not most of your time alone at your desk. If you’re not writing, you’re marketing what you’ve written previously.
We all know, however, that writing is more important than any other task. How many times have you heard, “Write the next book!”? And how many times have you said, “I’ll get started just as soon as this book becomes a  bestseller!”?
I’ve done some serious soul-searching lately about what I really want to do as opposed to what I think I have to do because everyone else says so! I’ve come to the conclusion that the former trumps the latter.
What motivates me to write? Probably a lot of the same things that motivate you. Let’s compare notes.

1)      Find a pleasant environment in which to write, be it beside a lake, at a coffee house, or in your own home office. Find that place and BE THERE!
2)      Choose the right time of day. When are you most productive? If you’re not a morning person, don’t try to knock out 5000 words before lunch. Find your comfort zone and BE THERE!
3)      Accept that a first draft stinks. You’re not going to sit down and write the Great American Novel in one fell swoop. Whether you’re revising for the second time or the 20th, you’re headed in the right direction. BE THERE!
4)      Set realistic goals. What works for you—2500 words in one session? 5000? Don’t push yourself to write a single word more than you can comfortably write. Meet your goal—or not—but remember you’re not where you started out but rather in a new place. BE THERE!
5)      Remember that rules were made to be broken. Who made up those rules anyway? What do you want to write? How do you want to write it? Writing is your place. BE THERE!

I collect articles on all phases of writing. Here are 5 on motivation. If my motivators don’t work for you, perhaps you’ll find some which do.

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