Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Friday Five is back with a pack of lies. . .

Since April 4 is National Tell a Lie Day, I thought I’d discuss the lies in the Shining Star books. (Where is Papa’s Shining Star? and Finding Papa’s Shining Star) Oh, yes, both books are chock full of them, but I’ll only mention five.

In the first book, Albert Rycroft lied to himself when he hid something in his daughter’s beloved doll “for a little while”. His deception, though well-intended, was going to put her in danger for the rest of her life.
Lenore Seldon lied to Alan Ashley about her personal life because she was afraid he wouldn’t hire her, and she desperately needed a job. But when she began to disappear every weekend, he became more than curious, and when the truth finally came out, he made a mistake which almost cost him the services of his personal assistant at Ashley Enterprises—and the person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.
In the second book, Annie Ashley (born Roberta “Bobbie” Annette Rycroft) lied to herself when she finally gave up on her father and said she hated him for not keeping his promise to come back for her. Later, she lied to David about the reason she miscarried their child while he was overseas during World War II.
But David Levinson had lied to Annie, too, when he decided not to tell her about his connection to her father and her past life as Bobbie.
And finally, they both lied to themselves and to each other when they agreed their marriage could survive with David in Israel and Annie in New York.

And there’s more. Much more.

Now—aren’t you curious? If you want to untangle the lies and deception affecting the lives of Alan, Lenore, Annie, and David pick up copies of both books here and here.
Oh, all right, I won’t lie, even though it IS April 4, and I sort of have permission. Here’s the bottom line:
·        Yes, the books are old-fashioned by today’s standards. After all, they’re set in the period between World War I and the Korean conflict, roughly 1917 – 1952.
·        Yes, they’re clean. You won’t find any graphic language or hot sex in them, although in book 2, Annie and David are married, so. . .
·        Yes, both books need many more reviews, so if you read them, please consider writing a brief one.
·        Yes, the characters are products of their time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love them.

Even on April 4, I cannot tell a lie: I hope you’ll give them a try. Visit my website for more, including book trailers and excerpts. And while you’re there, pick up your FREE COPY of Organization 101 for Writers AND enter a contest for a FREE COPY of TheBogus Biker, Book 1 of The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series. 

And, of course . . .don't forget to

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