Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Topics, Blogger Lists, and FREEBIES!

Considering Monday’s blog, I turned to my newly-completed marketing plan and scrolled down to the section on blogs. There it was: Blog Topic Generator. One enters three words and receives a list of 5 possible blog topics/titles with the advice to tweak for relevancy.
I typed in suspense, romance, mystery in that order and received the following five suggestions:

1.     The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Suspense
2.     5 Tools Everyone in the Romance Industry Should Be Using
3.     Why We Love mystery (And You Should, Too!)
4.     Think You're Cut Out for Doing suspense? Take This Quiz
5.     14 Common Misconceptions About romance

The second time I typed in the same words in the same order, these ideas popped up:

  1. The History of Suspense
  2. 7 Things About Romance Your Boss Wants to Know
  3. 10 Signs You Should Invest in Mystery
  4. 15 Best Blogs to follow about Suspense *
  5. 20 Myths About Romance

Now, those are all great topics, and I can come up with several tweaks to fit my own agenda. But when I blog, I like to share links—lots of links—because if you, the reader, takes the time to click into The Word Place, you want something to take with you when you click out.
So, I moved on to a site I recently joined:  Book Blogger List   If you’re a writer and want to connect with bloggers to spotlight/review you, check them out. You can search by genre. And, of course, The Word Place is listed (though I’m booked up for spotlights right now).
Finally, since I write cozy mysteries and enjoy reading them, I went to Amazon and discovered eleven pages of FREEBIES.
So now you, dear Word Place reader (whoever you are) have three links to investigate this week: one to play with, one to look at for purpose, and one to look at for pleasure.
Happy Monday! Enjoy! Come back Wednesday for that list of the 15 best blogs to follow about suspense! (You never know what you’ll find here, but it will all be writing-related in some way.)
And. . .

Don't forget to get hooked on a good clean read...

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