Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A True Story of Valor: A Higher Call

I don’t read anymore as much as I should, but when I fall in love with a story, I want everyone to read it and fall in love, too! The book spent 19 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List!

A Higher Call by Adam Makos wrapped my heart and squeezed and brought me to tears in more than one passage.  It’s the rare book I bought in print rather than for my Kindle because I wanted to pass it on to someone else without a Kindle.
Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler, two young men typical of their generation, find themselves in the middle of World War II, not necessarily by choice but certainly on opposite sides of the conflict. In 1943, Charlie’s B-17 gets shot to pieces on a bombing run over Germany. His tail gunner is dead, and another crew member is badly wounded. How does he get his buddies and himself back to England more or less in one piece?
Franz Stigler sees the plane has become a "straggler"--a sure death sentence. Well on his way to the Knight’s Cross (but not obsessed with getting it), he flies his own fighter in for a closer look—and literally looks through the battered plane and sees the crew tending to their wounded. Suddenly, he remembers his brother August, also a pilot and also shot from the skies, and he knows he can't add this plane to his many hits. He levels out near the cockpit of the B-17 and tries to make Charlie understand he should head for neutral Sweden where he can “sit out” the rest of the war.
Charlie doesn’t understand and prepares to die. Then he realizes his German counterpoint is escorting him right out of the line of German fire—and thinks one of them is definitely crazy. Franz watches the crippled B-17 head out over the North Sea before he returns to his base—knowing that if anyone saw his act of mercy, he could be shot for treason.
Neither man ever forgets that day and always wonders if the other survived the war.  Decades later, by nothing less than a meant-to-be miracle, they find each other. I won’t even add my review to the over 2000 five-star reviews already posted—but I will urge you to read this book.  In our present era of waffling, self-serving, and lessening values, you won’t walk away from this book without the resolve to stand strong for what you know to be right.
And we all need a good shot of resolve.

 A Higher Call is available in print and for Kindle HERE.

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Also by author Adam Makos:

About the author (taken from Adam Makos' Amazon Page)
Adam Makos is a journalist, historian, and editor of the military magazine, Valor. In his fifteen years of work in the military field, Makos has interviewed countless veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and present-day wars. He has flown a B-17 bomber, a T-38 fighter with the Air Force, and was one of the few journalists privileged to examine Air Force One with its pilots. In pursuit of a story, Makos has met with Presidents, had tea with Prince Charles, and toured the DMZ border in Korea with American troops. The high point of his work occurred in 2008, when Makos traveled to Iraq to accompany the 101st Airborne and Army Special Forces on their hunt for Al Qaeda terrorists. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller "A Higher Call."

You can follow Adam's work at:

Website: ValorStudios.com
Twitter: AdamMakos



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