Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Sky Above and...WHAT Below?

#1 “He/she carried his/her secrets to the grave” or so the old saying goes. But sometimes the secrets don’t stay there as in this recently-uncovered burial ground in France. Dating from the 1st and 2nd centuries, the remains of four adults and one child were found shackled. Other bodies were buried one on top of the others. Since uncovering the unexpected burials near an amphitheater, archaeologists have speculated the skeletons belonged to slaves forced to fight in the arena for the entertainment of Roman citizens who lived in the area.

#2 In 1795, American patriots Samuel Adams and Paul Revere collaborated to leave behind something of the era entombed in a time capsule. Workers repairing a water leak in the Old Massachusetts Statehouse unearthed the treasure trove of coins and other artifacts. However, others deliberately dug up and reburied the box in 1855. This time, however, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is taking charge. 

#3 Unfortunately, the music and the dancing have vanished from the ballroom constructed under a lake somewhere in England. Today it stands empty, guarded by a statue of Neptune. Built in the late 1800s, the builder/owner became involved in some unsavory dealings and took cyanide. But light still filters through the translucent glass of the domed ballroom reached by a flight of stairs and then a long corridor. Will gaiety ever again find its way beneath the water?

#4 Weapons of Mass Destruction are nothing new. The Nazis planned to perfect and make use of them during World War II. In a 75-acre underground complex, prisoners from a nearby concentration camp labored to bring the WMDs to being in Austria. 

#5 Finally, the Australian Outback boasts an underground city—Coober Pedy—which sprang to life as a residence for those engaged in opal mining. The name came from the Aboriginal words meaning “white man’s hole in the ground”. Residents of 45 different nationalities make this unusual community the most ethnically diverse in the country. Be sure to follow the links for a closer look at what you might not believe is actually underground!

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