Friday, January 16, 2015

The Friday Five: What Can You Use from Here?

Today’s Friday Five comes from five links I tweeted recently. Like most writers, time is my most precious commodity, and I have to read articles/blogs discriminately. My measure of time well spent is: Did I take away just one helpful piece of information?

That’s my goal for The Word Place: to include useable information with links to a more in depth look at the topic. So here are five of the most relevant links I “tweeted” this past week. I hope you’ll find at least five ideas you can use in your writing life.

1. Gary McLaren, who has  the free Indie Publishing Newsletter (see link below), wrote “What Is Important for Indie Authors in 2015?” Before listing the six concepts, he shares a paragraph called “Indie Publishing Is Hard Work”. It’s true. Every author, indie or not, knows writing/publishing is more guts than glory. Follow the link to his brief, relevant article with even more links for authors who believe it’s true what he says, “Discoverability will make or break you.”

2.    Inspirational author Jody Hedlund shared “15 Ways to Find Inspiration in 2015”. We all need inspiration, and not just when the going gets tough. We need something to carry us through the GOOD days so we’ll remember them when we’re facing the BAD ones. Print out her list and tack it up where you’ll see it on a daily basis! My very favorite was #1 on her list” Find things to smile about. I’m keeping a gratitude journal this year just so I can do that very thing!

3.    Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer recently shared Nina Amir’s imminently doable suggestions “… Use Your Blog to Achieve Expert Status”. I didn’t see a single one of the 12 which weren’t within the ability of every author/writer. I’ve read “blog regularly and consistently” at many venues, and it’s a task I sometimes struggle to keep on top of: witness the fact this Friday Five blog isn’t posted earlier today! But it’s good advice, and I’m trying to keep it uppermost in my mind.

4Blogging is a form of social media, of course. So is Facebook, a venue I’m seriously considering dropping. Before I do, I plan to re-read and carefully consider Ryan Pinkham’s “7 Things to Consider Before Calling It Quits on Facebook in 2015”. He’s not on a crusade to get anyone to end his/her FB relationship, but he makes some worthwhile points about the venue and what else might be out there. 

5.    Then there’s Twitter which is, at the moment, my favorite social media vehicle except for my blog. Shea Bennett’s “10 Easy Ways to Get More Retweets on #Twitter” are self-evident to the experienced social media “butterfly”—and too often ignored. #2 Be Unique and #6 Retweet Others should be branded on the fingertips!  

Click through to all five articles…skim…hone in on what you need to take away…and then share the links. Someone somewhere needs to know.

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