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Where Is Papa's Shining Star? -- What You Don't Know

Where did the idea for the book come from?
Oddly enough, the idea came from a family story I stumbled on accidentally. I innocently asked a relative the meaning of a poem written by another relative—displayed in her living room with a picture—and got a jaw-dropping revelation of how yet another relative “took the rap” in embezzlement case around 1920! So I started out with the idea of a good man accused in error but willing to ‘go down for the greater good.

Do any of the characters resemble the above-mentioned relatives? Mercy Maud, no! Do you think I have a death wish?

So where did the characters come from? Straight out of my imagination. Lenore Seldon could, I suppose, be accused of resembling the hapless heroine in The Perils of Pauline, but I like to think she has more ‘guts’ than Pauline. Faced with the responsibility for a child not her own, she ‘takes the rap’ for the sketchy circumstances surrounding how the little girl came to her and also almost ‘takes the fall’ with her own life to protect Bobbie’s life.
Lenore Seldon can't find her way out of the mess she didn't create.

Does ‘Dudley Do-Good’ come riding into Lenore’s life to rescue her?
Hardly. But Alan Ashley does when he finally emerges from his pity-party long enough to recognized the needs of another human being. He has a long list of guests at his party: Parental Rejection, Permanent War Disability, Feckless FiancĂ©e, Grasping Relatives, Disloyal Employee, and, of course, Too Much Money and his twin False Pride. 
Alan Ashley could help if he'd consider Lenore just might have been sent to him for a reason.

Who is Papa—and who is his ‘shining star’?
Papa is Albert Rycroft, born Albert Rycovsky in Russia, childhood immigrant to the United States, shrewd (but honest) operator, though careless enough to get himself trapped in a loveless marriage. He does, however, adore his daughter Bobbie, and promptly loses her when he has to ‘take the rap’ for the greater good. And, unfortunately, he endangers her life with the gift she treasures above all others.
And Bobbie, the little girl caught in the middle, just wants to be safe--and loved.

Is there plenty of romance to go around?
Absolutely! But there’s a caveat—if you equate ‘romance’ with ‘hot sex’, not so much. However, if you enjoy watching a relationship unfold in spite of two people’s frailties, you’ll be gritting your teeth and holding your breath at this on-again-off-again duo (Alan and Lenore). If you appreciate the subtleties of parry and thrust, this is the book for you.

What about action?
Definitely. The chase is on almost from the beginning if you look deeply enough to anticipate it. Greed, deception, a swallowing of pride, and uncertain compromise—and a secret room waiting to be needed after almost 100 years—it’s all there.

What do I need to know to ‘get into’ this vintage romance?
A basic history timeline:
·       The end of an era marked by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912
·       1917-1918—U.S. involvement in World War II
·       The Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, illegal liquor sales, gangs, organized crime
·       The Great Depression beginning with the collapse of Wall Street in 1929

Is there a ‘happy-ever-after’ ending?
Like real life, the ‘good characters’ may ride off into the sunset, but they have to come back to the ranch sooner or later. There’s more to the story in Finding Papa’s Shining Star. Look for those FAQS next week.

Why should I read this book?
For the same reason I read similar books: I don’t like feeling I need to take a bath when I finish, and I want to know Hope lives at the bottom of Pandora’s box in this often sad world.

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Where Is Papa's Shining Star?
Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?
The Wild Rose Press
Cover Art:  Rae Monet

Tag Line
A wealthy businessman, blinded in World War I, falls in love with the woman he hires as his personal assistant during the Depression—and finds her secrets may destroy their chance at happiness.

Wealthy Alan Ashley, blinded in World War I, returns home to face a challenge to his ability to run the family business. As the case goes to court, he finds himself drawn to the cheerful, ever-optimistic Lenore Seldon, his defense attorney’s secretary. When he wins his case, he offers her employment, but she declines and disappears from his life.

Ten years later, frail and in desperate need of work, Lenore answers his ad for a personal assistant. He hires her with the agreement that she will live in, chaperoned by his housekeeper, so that she can drive for him, and he can teach her to use the Braille writer. She is the perfect employee, but he senses that she is frightened of something—or someone.

When he finds himself falling in love with her, he must uncover her secrets in order to save their relationship---and to save her from herself.

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