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FAQS About Finding Papa's Shining Star

With David overseas, Annie has plenty of time to wonder why she married him.
 With Alan and Lenore happily married, why was another book necessary?
Very simply because their story—and Bobbie’s/Annie’s—wasn’t over. Also, the world lay on the brink of another world war, and all of their lives were bound to be impacted.

In the camp, David has plenty of time to rethink his Jewish heritage..

How much research was involved in writing the book?
A lot! I have a history background, but I still made sure every date and detail was correct. Also, I was fortunate enough to find a consultant for all things Jewish. She tweaked a few things because my Jewish research was done in a protestant sort of way!
David knows he has to be part of the new Jewish Homeland.

A lot of readers wouldn’t have noticed minor errors in a historical timeline or about Judaism, so why spend the time?
Even if one reader saw an error, it would be one too many. Also, when an author writes about something she’s not knowledgeable about—in this case, Judaism—it’s simply respect to get it right. Credibility is easily lost forever with inattention to detail.

The book covers ten years. Isn’t that too long?
I wanted to take Annie and David through World War II and the birth of the Jewish State afterwards. Both finished forming their individual characters. At least the book wasn’t another Gone with the Wind or Dr. Zhivago or War and Peace! And it moves fast.

Is there romance in the book?
Plenty. Remember, Annie and David were married, so I felt I had more leeway to write the desired love scenes.

Does anything happen to any of the characters a reader would rather not read?
All kinds of things. Life, death, murder, mayhem…and everything in between.
Just when Annie thinks she has things figured out, tragedy strikes.

Does the secret room figure in again?
This time, it saves two lives.

Is there a happily-ever-after ending?

Are all the “loose ends” tied up? Did Papa’s shining star “get found”?
Alberta has guarded her secrets well until David is privy to some surprising information.
No to the first question, and yes-and-no to the second. Suffice it to say, Annie found Bobbie again and took it from there.

Will there be another book to take care of those pesky loose ends?
I’ve thought about it…even gotten as far as writing a first chapter…so you never know.

So why should you read this book even though you won’t want certain things to happen and will be left with questions?
A good “weep” and a cliff-hanger aren’t such bad things. And, if you’re interested in U.S./world history between 1940 and the early 1950s, you’ll identify.And besides, it's a good clean read!

Finding Papa’s Shining Star
The Wild Rose Press
Cover Art:  Rae Monet
ISBN 1-60154-695-5

Tag Line:  A young woman makes a hasty wartime marriage and discovers her husband’s unexpected link to her past may cost her life

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