Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Wednesday Roses of TWRP

Only three authors responded to the offer for some free Wednesday promotion, but I’m pleased to present:

Rolynn Anderson, who bills her books as suspense spiked with romance and heart-rending, heart-pounding contemporary suspense, is the author of
·        Lie Catchers (4.5 stars)
·        Last Resort  (4.3 stars)
·        Fadeout       (4.4 stars)
·        Swoon          (4.8 stars)

Here’s Mackenzie Crowne who shares A Case for Calamity (4.9 stars) Will her lark gone bad be the sweetest calamity of Jane’s life?

Visit Mackenzie’s Amazon Author Page for a looooooooong list of books!

Finally, meet Ashantay Peters who has a brand-new release just in time for Christmas:  Dickens of a Death. She invites you to do Dickens Days—a lethal holiday event for the unwary. It sounds scarier than it is. I write humor—well, deadly humor.

Find Ashantay, who bills her books as romance and mystery with a touch of humor at

I'll be giving each one of these authors her own Wednesday beginning next week! 

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