Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Friday Five and a Bonus Link

This week’s Friday Five runs the gamut from human interest stories to ancient history.

Everyone knows about Stonehenge in England, but what about the eleven “big circles” found in the Middle East. Archaeologists are studying them to determine who built them and why. So much of the earth’s history is shrouded in mystery with no written records left behind to explain events. These circles were first spotted in the 1920s. Similar structures have been identified in Jordan and Syria but were destroyed. Who wants to write a novel about an archaeology team racing to find the meaning of a newly-discovered “Stonehenge” before evil forces destroy it for reasons known only to themselves?

Here’s a link to a site where you can go digging on your own and be guaranteed to turn up a treasure. It’s updated daily.  I had no idea so much archaeological adventure was happening! From bison bones to buried buildings, Archaeologica has something for everyone!

Did you ever dream of discovering a treasure left behind by someone in your own family? The contents of this grandfather’s trunk didn’t bestow material wealth on his family, but he left a wealth of material. Who knows what further study will reveal?  

Forty-nine years ago, a passerby discovered a two-day-old baby girl in a New York City phone booth. Someone had wrapped her in a blanket and pinned a St. Jude medal to it. Louise Jones still wants to know who left her there and why. Here’s hoping St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes, will lend a hand.

Finally, we’ve all wished we could travel back in time, so try this:
·        If you’d been born in 1914, you’d likely have been Mary, Helen, Dorothy, Margaret, Ruth, John, William James, Robert, or Joseph.
·        Trouble in the Middle East extends back 100 years as on this date, the British landed troops at the head of the Persian Gulf in then-Mesopotamia. Today the Persian Gulf laps the shores of Kuwait.

I'm re-releasing a Christmas book about a baby found not in a NYC telephone booth but in a line shack on a ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Here's a sneak peek at the cover designed by graphic artist Jes Richardson. 

Check back next week for a release date and links. And's a good clean read

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