Sunday, November 9, 2014

Of Book Reviews and Bears

    The number of writing-related articles “out there” is almost overwhelming, but I’ve found a way to organize them in order to process their benefits. I simply copy and paste, not forgetting the link, save, and print out a copy for the “to-read” folder which goes with me in my car if I anticipate some down time—think Happy Hour at Sonic—and then move the saved document into a folder labeled “Saved Online Documents”. I consider an article worth reading if I take away at least one thing from it, and I always keep a yellow legal pad handy for taking notes which can then incorporated into my general marketing plan.
    Recently, Why All Writers Should Do Book Reviews by David Bruns caught my eye. Be sure to click through to read the entire article. As an author, I’m always in need of reviews, but so is every other writer out there. David wrote, “This is not a quid pro quo arrangement. Do the review as an act of generosity, without any expectation of gain.”
    I liked the sentiment simply because, if we’re truly trying to do things right in any area of our lives, we’ll give without expecting a return. But his article made me realize I wasn’t doing much of anything for any reason. Yes, I do the odd review, but I can and should do more. So, I’ve determined to do at least one review every couple of weeks. It’s not much, but I’m a fast reader, so it’s a doable goal.
    Now let me digress and introduce Writer Bear. Yes, I know how old I am. I’m old enough to do as I  please, and if I want a bear, I’m entitled. The granddaughters—the small person and the wee bear cub—are thoroughly aggrieved because they cannot play with said bear, but it is mine…just mine. I bought them their own bears long ago.

Miss Writer Bear
    After attending the Ozark Romance Writers Conference in Springfield, MO, in September, I stopped off in Branson for a few days. The Landing—that shopping wonderland—has a Build-a-Bear store. I walked in and came out a delightful while later with Writer Bear. If you squeeze her foot she says, “Someday is definitely here.”
    Now she sits wherever she can find space—on the file cabinet, on the printer, even on top of the supply carrel on my desk, and keeps me company as I work.
    Do not bother to say I should’ve grown up long ago. I’ll never grow up—but then, I’ll never grow old either! 

Visit my website (Someday Is Here). David said in the aforementioned article that he asks for reviews all the time. May I do the same?

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