Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are You Walking Over History?

Anglo-Saxon Skeletons Found in Suffolk Dig This article caught my eye and led me to pursue information on other recent archaeological finds for today’s Friday Five.

I’m hoping to find this back issue of Archaeology Magazine at the local library or online for order. It features the Top 10 Discoveries of 2013:  everything from the skeleton of England’s Richard III to the oldest petroglyphs in North America to signs of cannibalism in Jamestown during the ‘Starving Time’ of 1607-1610. 

Speaking of the ‘Starving Time’, you’ll want to go Jamestown Rediscovery next and meet “Jane” who fell victim (hopefully post-mortem) to the appetites of her fellow Jamestown settlers.
Take a look at Biblical archaeology’s top ten finds of 2013 including a rare Egyptian sphinx, the discovery of one of King David’s palaces, and a look at Jerusalem’s oldest alphabetical text.
The Ten Coolest Finds in recent years are detailed here with some surprising information on rock art, stone speaks, and DNA discoveries. 

 And last but not least, we’ve all wondered about Stonehenge, but did you know a second circle of stones was discovered in 2009? And the next year, about half a mile away, archaeologists unearthed a circle of wooden timbers which scientists date at 4,500 years old! Was it an astronomical observatory? A funerary? The search for answers continues. Read about ‘wooden henge’ and nine more top discoveries of the 21st century.  

Now, aren’t you brimming with story ideas? I am!

Speaking of discoveries, while this doesn’t qualify as ‘archaeology’, I include a reference to a station on the Underground Railroad in my first vintage romance, Where Is Papa’s Shining Star? Wealthy entrepreneur Alan Ashley, blinded in World War I, lives a solitary life in the colonial mansion where he was born. As a boy, he explored the house and found a sliding panel in the attic. Prying it open with his pen knife, he discovered the room used to hide escaping slaves on their way to Canada. A tunnel extends downward through the hill behind the house, providing them safe passage to travel on.
But even he couldn’t guess it would someday save the life of someone dear to him…and, years later, save her life yet again.

Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?
The Wild Rose Press
Cover Art:  Rae Monet

                                                          Get hooked on a good clean read!


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