Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Ten "Commandments" of Writing

Disclaimer:  Satire, not sacrilege, intended.

1.  Thou shalt carry a notebook in thy pocket or purse. Thee never knoweth when a good idea for a story will presenteth itself.

2.  Thou shalt doest careful research when writing about a subject thou knowest naught about or a time period in which thee hast not actually lived. (Thou canst not fool the savvy reader!)

3.  Thou shalt write by the seat of thy pants if it worketh well for thee--or planneth much or little--thee knoweth how thee writeth best.

4.  Thou shalt not utter vain and foolish words like, "My muse hath deserted me" or "Yay, I am not inspired" or "Writers Block hath crept in to torment me." (Getteth over it.)

5.  Thou shalt not write that with which thee is not comfortable but rather be true to thyself.

6.  Thou shalt not fear hitting the delete key on that which is not working.

7.  Thou shalt understand that a first draft stinketh.

8.  Thou shalt not search vainly for 'voice'. Dost thou not speak in thine own voice? Dost it not follow that thee shalt write in the same?

9.  Thou shalt takest all writing advice with a grain of salt--preferably two grains.

10. Thou shalt understand that rules are madest to be broken, not to stunteth a writer's progress.
Keepth these commandments and findeth joy in all thy writing undertakings!

AND—getteth thyself to Someday Is Here for a look at what resulted in following these commandments, especially the latest offering…which is also found here.

First posted December 5, 2012.
©Judy Nickles

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