Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recycled and Repurposed: A Blog from the Past

     Recently I read a great article about recycling older blogs, so I found this one and updated it with information about my latest publications. I hope you find something useful here for your own work!   
      Maybe you’re familiar with the gangster terms bump off  (to kill), big house (prison), rod (gun), but do you know the meanings of bench boy, badger, and Big Cough? Check then out at Gangster Talk.
     In the 1800s, you might visit an Irish Shantee, have some Nokum Stiff, and eat Goober peas. See more at Just a Few Words TheyUsed.
     If you’re a fan of hard-boiled detective stories, you might have run across dipped the bill or tracked down a can-opener.  Moreat Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hard-Boiled Slang.
     If you lived in 19th century Britain—and were of the ‘lower class’, you’d know what a swell, a tooler, and ruffles were. Check out BritishSlang: 19th Century Lower Class and Underworld.
     A biker, such as Tiny Sam in the Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series, would know what he could find in the bone yard, the importance of a lid, and approach twisties with caution. But Sam wasn’t a biker, so he might need some help from The Dictionary of Motorcycle Slang,Biker Terms, and Jargon.
     And, of course, today we all need the Slang Dictionary - Text Slang,Internet Slang, & Abbreviations to interpret meh, ukwim, and bbilb. (Warning: you’ll find some things here you don’t want to know!)
     Finally, just for fun, if you’re hunting an appropriate character name, you might want to look at Behind theName: the Etymology and History of First Names. Now, I didn’t look first when I was naming Beatrice Collier Blake aka Trixie in The Dreamland Series, but I find it is the Italian form of Beatrix, which comes from the Latin “Viator” meaning traveler or voyager. At the beginning of Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland, we find Trixie traveling toward the hometown she doesn’t remember. And what awaits her at the end of the road may make this her last trip to anywhere! 

Visit Someday Is Here for more information about Penelope and Trixie! Both series are available on Amazon as single books and also as boxed sets. (links only for book 1 in each series as they need to be read in order)
The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series
·       TheBogus Biker
·       The Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit
·       The Feed Store Floozy
·       The Possum Hollow Hullabaloo
·       The Larcenous Legacy
·       Sam’s Last Stand

The Dreamland Series
·       Under the Silv’ry Moon
·       Come with the Love Light Gleaming

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