Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do you identify with your characters?

Do you identify with your characters? I do, sometimes more than others.

·        Lenore Seldon—trapped by convention and circumstances
·        Annie Ashley—finds what she wanted wasn’t what she wanted after all
·        Jean Kingston—becoming her own person, even thirty years late, was all good
·        Tessa Steele—driven by a genealogical mystery she’s bound to solve, hopefully sooner than later
·        Penelope Pembroke—accepting life for what it is but secretly hoping for more
·        Trixie Collier Blake—can only be pushed so far before she turns and fights

I suppose it’s inevitable that a part of every writer becomes part of every character she writes. Sometimes writing is a way to expose a secret longing or long-buried feelings of rebellion. Sometimes it’s just fun to watch the character evolve throughout the story.
Growing up, I was Lenore Seldon—and perhaps a little bit of Annie Ashley. As I grew older, with an empty nest and older parents no longer alive to care for, I became Jean Kingston. Tessa Steele has always lived in me as I’ve tramped deserted cemeteries, knocked on doors of strangers, and pored over nearly impossible-to-decipher records. Trixie Collier Blake is the caged tiger inside the pussy cat persona.
But the character I like best—the one I’d really like to be—is Penelope Pembroke. She’s got guts—guts to hold fast to what she knows is right—yet enough to step off the beaten path in a pinch and do what she has to do.

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(And Trixie, being the new kid on the block, needs some fans!)
·        Under the Silv’ry Moon

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