Friday, July 25, 2014

Trixie's Friend "George"

     When things got hot in Dreamland, Trixie Collier Blake decided to cool them down by stacking the deck in her favor, so she bought a gun. She also applied for and received a concealed carry license. Until it arrived, poor George had to languish in the drawer of her night stand.
     All states have their own laws regulating firearms. Many states extend reciprocal rights to gun owners to carry within their borders, but it's always best to check the reciprocity status when traveling outside one's own state. For example, if you have a CCL in Arkansas, you may be welcome in California, but your gun is not. Unlicensed firearms are subjected to a wide range of laws such as being carried concealed or in plan sight. And, of course, even with a license, there are some places where "George" just simply cannot go--schools, federal properties, and so on. Usually signs designating gun-free zones are displayed prominently.
     Concealed carry classes are popular--and often required--for a license. Background checks and fingerprinting are all part of the procedure. Of course, teaching safety is the number one priority.
     People have many reasons for obtaining a CCL and owning a firearm. For Trixie, the reason was personal protection after so many threatening incidents occurred within days of her return to Dreamland. Her husband Ned, a career Air Force officer, insisted she learn to shoot and bought her a gun so she wouldn't be left totally alone whenever he was posted where she couldn't accompany him.

     "...Also, your father threatened to get this building condemned, so I called my father who called someone he knew in Little Rock, and he came over this morning. In his words, the old lady was built to last.”

     “Who was he?”

     “Paul Perry.”

     “He’s the best. I’ve had some dealings with him in a couple of real estate cases.”

     “He also told me where to buy a gun.”

     Mitch took a step back. “What do you want a gun for?”

     “I’m good,” Trixie said. “My husband taught me. Unfortunately, my concealed carry license has expired, and I left my personal firearm in North Carolina, but I’m going to get another one to keep by my bed at night.”

     Mitch shook his head. “I’d never have pegged you as a pistol-packin’ mamma.” Then he laughed. “You’re going to do this, huh?”

     “I’m going to do it.”

     “Then I’ll drive you to Little Rock. I need to drop some papers off at the office there anyway.”

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