Monday, July 14, 2014

It's coming!

The Dreamland Series Book 3, Come with the Love Light Gleaming, will launch officially on Friday, although it may be available a day or two earlier.

Scared to death—can it really happen?

Trixie may find out. But will she live to tell the tale?

Just when Trixie thinks her new start in Dreamland AR may be moving on, her mother announces she's returning, too, to open a bed and breakfast in the old family home. Maybe she can deal with Lucy, but she's not even going to try to deal with City Council woman Daphne Carter's toothy son Alan who seems to think he knows better than Trixie what's good for the historic building bequeathed to her by her grandfather. And she's not sure her definition of moving on is what Mitch Langley has in mind. They've been best friends since she arrived, but is she ready to be more?

Between the new police chief, the paranormal team Candace King brings in to hunt for ghosts in Al Capone's old bootlegging tunnels, Danny Jefferson's candid photos which are definitely worth more than a thousand words, and forensic anthropologist Sean Mercer's dogged curiosity, Trixie can't catch a break.

And somebody somewhere has a bone to pick with Trixie's relatives. Most of them are dead--but Trixie's not, and that's enough for that somebody.

Of course, I still have to market the series, but  I have a million other non-writing projects waiting in the wings. Well--non-writing as in no more books right now. In fact, I'm on vacation until the end of October when the much-anticipated Writing Retreat begins. It will have an attendance of ONE (that's me), and for two glorious weeks I'll be reconnecting yet again with the town where I went to college.

"Mimi School" is in session until August 15, after which the small person will return to school as a second-grader. 

I've said before I'm not sure if time flies when you're having fun or when you're getting older, but I qualify on both counts. Meanwhile, check back for more on Friday...

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