Friday, July 11, 2014

Birthdays and Book Launches

TODAY the Small Person is seven years old! She arrived to a sign on the front door saying

Hanna CANNOT be seven years old!
She just came home from the hospital yesterday.
(and two pictures from that day.)

Her daddy arrived from work as her mom was dropping her off here for the day with fresh birthday doughnuts from the nearby shop. So, of course, Mom, dad, and the wee bear cub had to come into the kitchen for doughnuts and milk. (THEN Mimi made eggs and bacon for Hann!)

She got an extra chapter of Little House on the Prairie  as a birthday treat before beginning today's lessons. Later we will drive to town for lunch at her favorite place in the whole world, Chik-fil-a (Mimi likes it, too!), followed by a $5 shopping spree at Dollar Tree (where everything's a dollar!)

Finally, home again, it will be quiet time and she can watch the birthday movie her parents gave her:  Frozen.

A fine birthday day, eh?

NOW--Book 2 of The Dreamland Series, Under the Silv'ry Moon, officially launches today--which puts me in something of a time crunch between doing Mimi School with Hanna and celebrating her momentous day! I must work in my promotional plugs as I can--so here goes. 

Trixie doesn't mind Al Capone's ghost hanging around her building--it's what he left behind underneath it that threatens her!

Book 2 in a new series from the author of the popular Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mysteries

Trixie's ready to open her new business on the second floor of the possibly-haunted Quimby Building, She's established an uneasy truce with Police Chief Doug Everton--after all, they have a mutual secret to guard. Her high school chum Rudy and his wife are back together after Dee managed to cut loose from the bunch trying to take over downtown Dreamland. Dee's younger brother Danny, who doesn't let his Down Syndrome define him, is ready to move on from his hero status acquired when he rescued Trixie from the tunnels snaking beneath the town, and has discovered a latent talent for photography. And Trixie's and Mitch's budding friendship is at the point of blooming. Unfortunately, they're all wrong in thinking the recent dirty dealings are over and done with.

Enter two FBI agents, one of whom accuses his partner of being 'rogue'; Rudy's ex-army buddy Ross Carrow who runs the Moonlight Tattoo Parlor; and forensic anthropologist Sean Mercer whose curiosity may end up killing more than the proverbial cat. The second floor of the Quimby Building, once the Castle Casino and soon to be Trixie's Treasures, becomes a hotbed of oozing secrets and dangerous doings. Can Trixie dig in her heels one more time? Does she even want to?



Cher'ley said...

Wish Hanna a late birthday wish from me. Cher'ley

Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

Thank you! She had a fine time on Friday and a party on Saturday!