Saturday, June 21, 2014

Branding Myself

One hears a great deal about 'branding' yourself as an author. In fact, it's considered one of those must-do absolutely necessary things to do. It's one of those you-won't-be-a-successful-writer-unless-you-do-it things. I'm not hear to argue that branding isn't a good thing, maybe even necessary in some cases. I'm here to say I'm not branded--in other words, I'm a maverick, a free-range roamer, NOT a git-along-little-dogie. 

But, you say, you can't do MUST be branded! You MUST follow the rules or... 

Or what?

Okay, if you insist, here goes:
  1. I write vintage romance.
  2. I write cozy mysteries.
  3. I write romantic suspense.
  4. I write novels.
  5. I write. 
How's that? It works for me.

I write because I enjoy it, like some people hit the golf links every day or the tennis courts. I make a little extra money, which is an added bonus. Okay, sometimes I make a lot, which is an extra added bonus. If I didn't enjoy it,  I wouldn't do it. Period.

I don't do writing groups or clubs, and some of you reading this--who don't do them either--will understand why. I attend a few selected conferences where I enjoy meeting other writers (the ones whose ego isn't so large as to prevent them seeing beyond their noses), picking up a few pointers, and exhibiting my wares. If I'm lucky, I spend an extra night or two and do some sight-seeing in the area. I rarely enter a writing contest connected with a conference because I have observed that the same people make the conference circuit and walk away with most of the awards. Certainly that would be discouraging to a new or aspiring writer. For me it's simply not worth the effort or the entry fee.

 I have some wonderful writing friends, online and otherwise, who are free with their critiques, and I appreciate them and hopefully let them know it on a regular basis.

Writing is something I've always loved to do. When I stop loving it, I'll stop writing. Meanwhile, I have no ego riding on this. Of course, it's nice to see sales numbers rise. Of course, it's fun to hear compliments from readers. Mostly--it's just fun.

So, open that gate and let me roam the writing range. Yippee-ay-ki-yippee-yippee-o.

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