Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Little About a Lot

Where did the month of June go? As a matter of fact, where did half the new year go? I'm not sure if time flies faster when you're having fun or when you're getting older!

I've been busy this summer with the soon-to-be-seven-years-old Small Person who comes to Mimi School two days one week and three days the next. We have a nice (flexible) schedule of cursive writing, math, science, history, journal time, reading corner time, lunch, quiet time...and, on days when it's not raining (which haven't been frequent of late) deck time. Next summer we'll add the Wee Bear Cub to the mix since she'll go to kindergarten the following fall. I'm already planning how to juggle two learning schedules!

The big focus has been getting The Dreamland Series ready for publication. Special thanks to my dear friend and volunteer editor/proof reader Debbie Coates for all her time and hard work! If all goes well, Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland will make its debut on July 3, followed by Under the Silv'ry Moon on July 11, and Come with the Love Light Gleaming on July 18. Watch for free days and special offers!

Then I'm taking a well-earned (in my opinion) vacation from writing to organize some personal business and just kick back and enjoy life. Not that I don't enjoy writing, but any author reading this will agree that writing/publishing is hard work!

I discarded a writing conference the end of August because it was on Labor Day Weekend, and one of my eccentric rules for living (or maybe just staying alive) is that I don't get out on the highway with all the crazies on a major holiday! Besides, I planned to drive 40 miles north to ye olde ancestral hunting grounds for some genealogical research, but with the courthouse being closed on Monday, a hotel room is too expensive to waste just waiting around.

In September, however, I'm signed up for the Fall Arts Festival in a smaller town not far away. It will be a good opportunity to showcase my growing inventory of books, meet people, and just enjoy.

Then--oh, when the leaves begin to turn, and the weather begins to cool--then I leave for my two-week writing sabbatical in the town where I went to college. I visit twice a year, but during the last visit, my warm feelings for the campus and the town reignited, and I found an extended-stay facility (already checked out by a friend who pronounced it squeaky clean) where I can headquarter without breaking the bank. I'm calling it "Writing the Square" as I intend to work on 2500 words/day in every coffee house on and around the renovated historical square. The color is purple--but more on that later.

There's a new page at The Dreamland Website where you can read an excerpt from Book 1.

And if you haven't met Penelope Pembroke, be sure to visit her home on the web, too.

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