Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good News, Bad News, and Just Plain News

The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series continues to sell steadily. That's good news.

Royalty checks from The Wild Rose Press and Champagne Books point to an upsurge of sales for my traditionally-published books. I'm guessing this is related to Penelope's success. That's also good news.

My belief that there is an audience out there who wants a realistic-but-clean read has been validated. That's the best news of all.

The first book (Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland) of the new Dreamland Series is finished and has gone for editing. More good news.

I'm two chapters into Book #2 (Under the Silv'ry Moon), and it's going slowly. Bad news.

Book #3(Come with the Love Light Shining) isn't even formally thought out yet. Bad, bad news.

For you younger readers, "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland" is an OLD song now in the public domain. I love the lilting, free-flowing music and, yes, I even like the sappy lyrics. For how it sounded when it was charting #1 in 1910, listen to Henry Burr's rendition on YouTube.

For a little later version, here's Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orchestra. Yes, yes, chickadees, I know you never heard of Glen Gray, but my parents had a cabinet full of his records when I was growing up. What are records, you ask? How do I explain. Just listen and enjoy!

And don't miss this one! Once upon a time, dancing was...

What's ahead at The Word Place? I'll be reintroducing you to The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall (Champagne Books, 2012).

When a young woman sets out to discover why her great-grandmother worked in a notorious bordello, she stumbles on secrets buried for years, but which, if resurrected, may bury her.
  After recognizing her great-grandmother’s picture on the wall of a restored bordello-turned-museum, Tessa Steele sets out to track down exactly how Hallie became one of Miss Fanny’s ‘ladies’.  Threatening phone calls and letters warning her that Nosy little girls get into trouble become the least of her worries when she meets Sgt. Dale McCord, a state police officer investigating a series of so-called ‘hauntings’ at Miss Fanny’s.  Caught between her own curiosity about Miss Fanny’s and Dale’s disapproval, she goes ahead with her research. Each time she uncovers a new piece of information, she faces an even more sinister threat as well as Dale’s unexplained anger. She’s as determined to learn the truth as someone is to stop her. And Dale is determined to keep her alive—if he can.


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