Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is she hiding?

Meet Lenore Seldon

Interviewer's note:  Miss Seldon entered the room almost as if she were afraid of something. She is a slender woman, with pale, porcelain-like skin. She wears no makeup, and her dark hair is pulled back into a severe knot worn low on her neck. Her dark navy suit and white blouse are unadorned with any accessories. She might be attractive with some education in style. During the interview, she kept her eyes down, hands in her lap, and spoke almost too softly to be heard. It was difficult to know if her demeanor is due to her upbringing, which I understand was a most sheltered one, her desire to reflect a totally businesslike manner--or fear of something or someone unknown.

TWP: Today we welcome Lenore Seldon, administrative assistant to Alan Ashley who was with us a few days ago. Tell us about yourself, Miss Seldon.

LS:  There’s not much to tell. I graduated from business school and worked ten years for retired Judge Arthur Sutherland until his death.

TWP:  Then you went to work for Alan Ashley, right?

LS: Not right away.

TWP:  Can you explain that?

LS:  I’d rather not. Those intervening years aren’t pleasant to remember.

TWP:  But now you have a good job.

LS:  Yes.

TWP:  What is it like to work for one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in America--and one of the wealthiest and most eligible bachelors?

LS:  I’m grateful for employment. So many don’t have work. The Depression, you know.

TWP:  Right, but back to Alan Ashley…he’s quite handsome—and very rich!

LS:  He’s my employer.

TWP:  Can’t he still be good-looking? Have there been other men in your life?

LS:  Not really. I was engaged briefly to the boy next door, but he died in France during the war.

TWP:  And Alan Ashley lost his eyesight in the same war.

LS:  Yes, but he manages very well.

TWP:  He says you’re a great help to him.

LS:  I do my best.

TWP:  Since you live in, you must spend a lot of time with him outside of the workplace.

LS:  I don’t know how it happened, but we have breakfast together and then dinner every night. Sometimes after dinner I read aloud to him, or we listen to music. But I’m well-chaperoned. His housekeeper Mrs. Swane lives in. And I’m going to get my own place when I get a bit ahead.

TWP:  He won’t like that.

LS:  It’s for the best.

TWP:  Is he easy to get along with?

LS:  For the most part. He still bears some bitterness about the loss of his sight…but mostly because it was the reason his fiancée broke their engagement.

TWP:  Have you met her?

LS:  Briefly. It was unpleasant to say the least. However, she’s very beautiful…very elegant.

TWP:  Do you see your working relationship with Alan Ashley transitioning into something more personal?

LS:  Oh, no, it can’t! I have…responsibilities.

TWP:  Can you share what those responsibilities are?

LS:  No. No, I can’t, and if he thinks this interview will get him the personal information I have a right to withhold…

TWP:  Nothing like that, but be honest. Aren’t you the least bit interested in him, woman to man?

LS:  I can’t be. You don’t understand. He’d never understand either. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me. I must transcribe some notes into Braille before his meeting tomorrow morning.

TWP:  All right. We understand. Thanks for stopping by.

Interviewer's Note:   In speaking with Miss Seldon's colleagues here at Ashley Enterprises, I learned she is respected as a hard worker and liked for her kindness to others. No one seemed to agree with my conclusion that she is secretive.

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