Thursday, February 6, 2014

I need...

It is cold. I do not like all this cold weather. I am ready for it to go away. If you are sending it my way, I will find you. Keep it for yourself.

Ideally, cold weather like this should equal long productive days of writing, but it hasn't worked out that way. I've had many interruptions: sick grandchild to keep, haircut to get, tax information to organize for accountant, new storm door installation, check and adjustments on gas logs in fireplace, promotional package to organize and send.

I need to edit. I need to write. I need...I need...

These busy days have set me thinking about how I worked full time and wrote, too. Of course, writing was just a hobby in those days, but I still did  a lot of it. Now I'm retired, so there should be double the time. Not.

Perhaps the problem lies in not making good use of the time I have. I think I was better at that when I worked. Now it's too distracting to be at home all day, jumping up to do laundry, clean a cabinet, curl up with the Kindle, cook a meal, talk on the phone with someone else who's retired, chat on Skype, retrieving the small person from school two afternoons a week, visiting the public library and not on a's a vicious circle, I think.

The writing retreat was productive, but I can't live on retreat. And, I'm taking off for Charleston SC this month. Not to write, not to research, but just because I want to. At least I'm not heading to Africa on safari like a friend of mine!

Discipline, that's what I need. Anybody have any to spare?

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K9friend said...

I definitely could use a dose of discipline myself. Maybe it would help to designate a certain time each day as "writing time", the same way you did for "working time" before retirement.

Anyway, if you figure out what works for you, be sure to let the rest of us know!

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