Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sound the retreat!

I'm getting away this week--quite literally! The question arises, "Why would you need to 'get away' when you live alone?" I just do. I need to be where I can focus on writing-related things--not think of two dozen ways to spend time tidying up a closet or cupboard or running to Walmart or prowling around town! This is a working 'vacation'!!

After looking for quite some time for a cozy cabin, I stumbled on the Living Water Retreat and am booked into their Love cabin. Due to bitter cold weather followed by ice and rain, I haven't gotten everything done here I intended, but you know what? The recycling will be here when I get back. Ditto the few Christmas decorations left to be put away. (Hey, they're down anyway!) Ditto the bins to go through to make decisions on what to keep/what to dispose of. At least the inside 'spring cleaning in winter' is done!

I'm about to tackle the list of things to pack for these lovely five days. Sweats and flannel nighties go into the suitcase first! I'm not budging from the cabin except for a walk along the river or to sit on the porch if the weather cooperates. I've done some baking and gathered some easy packaged meals. I don't have a set-in-stone agenda, but I know what I need to accomplish while I'm there.

So--sound the retreat! I'm outta here!

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