Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not to decide is to decide...

I came home from my mini-retreat SO stoked! 20+K on the re-write of Book #1 in the Dreamland Series AND Book #1 of The Kate Chronicles edited and ready to go up on Amazon. To date, I've not written another single word on the former NOR put up the latter. WHY?

Well, once again, real life reared its inconvenient head. I've spent the past week and a half playing catch-up. But--one can't live on retreat, so what to do?

Mainly, I'm debating with myself about whether to:

(1) Get the other two books of The Kate Chronicles ready to go up at 10-day intervals
(2) Put up a stand-alone novel

The question is: Which of the above choices will catch the readers' eyes? Have I boxed myself into  a corner with the successful Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series? Will readers be disappointed that The Kate Chronicles isn't remotely like the Penelope series? Would a stand-alone novel incorporating minimal romance but lots of suspense be a better tool to keep the momentum going?

See me pulling my hair, gnashing my teeth, weeping and wailing as I try to decide.

Someone once said, "Not to decide is to decide."

Penelope is still selling well--almost 500 books in January alone. But the "rule" is to follow up quickly, and though I ignore many rules of writing, I don't think this is one which should be shoved aside.

What to do? Anyone out there have any ideas?

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K9friend said...

Wow, Judy, what wonderful news about the Penelope series. Congratulations, and I'm sure you will make the best choice how to handle the upcoming publications.
Hope everything is going well in real life, too!

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