Saturday, November 9, 2013

I don't want to think this hard...

     So here I am needing to do laundry this fine Saturday morning, but my washer and dryer (tops) are occupied by two things I'm not quite sure what to do with:

(1) My granddaughter's 'crystal garden' which we concocted yesterday with charcoal briquettes, ammonia, laundry bluing, and salt. Crystals are beginning to grow, and the instructions caution against moving/jostling the fragile project. We did the project outside because I wanted to minimize the ammonia fumes, but it had to be moved inside for safe-keeping. Hence, the utility room.

(2) A sack containing an urn with the recently-delivered ashes of my beast/aka Lady. She will be buried out back, appropriately with St. Francis and also in her favorite spot to relieve herself. But I have to wait until my younger son arrives at Christmas with a shovel. Someone told me recently that she has her mother's ashes on a shelf in her closet. Somehow that option doesn't appeal to me.

Obviously, I will need to use the washer and dryer before Christmas.

So--here I sit considering all alternatives.

As the King said in "The King and I", 'tis a puzzlement.

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