Thursday, September 5, 2013

Locks are for honest people...

...or so my father always said. It's true, I suppose. In this day and age, the determination (or desperation) of a house-breaker can easily overcome the hindrance of a mere lock.

Still, I felt confident with deadbolts and the added security of non-monitored door alarms. I live in a wooded and somewhat isolated area, but I've lived in worse. Try the middle of Africa with no electricity, no phone communication, no near neighbors who spoke English...and I survived, thank you.

Given the current economic impetus to take what one can get, I might be safer there! Well, no, not really, but in the last year or two I've had occasion to think that the days of taking safety and security for granted is long gone. While I've always had smoke alarms, I really didn't plan on anything else.

Then, one morning, I woke to find that the local property owners' association, in all its great wisdom, had decided to open up the common property on the side of my house, extending past the back, for a walking trail--which is large enough for a vehicle to access. Hidden by the trees, one could enter the house from the back and load up. So--a security system became a semi-urgent necessity.

The company recommended to me came out and gave me an estimate, and we scheduled today for the installation. They are here now, and I am "exiled" to my study while they work. On the first visit, the rep assured me he'd walk me through how to use it. "I won't hand you an instruction book and leave," he said. 

I complained quite loudly about the violation of my security and privacy. (I will have to buy something to screen my deck from curious onlookers--more $$.) I was told, rather arrogantly IMO, that "they" (the POA) could do what it wanted to. Obviously.

However, I don't have time to stress over "these kinds" and am thankful I could put in the security system. I'll feel better when I travel--and I understand the monitored smoke alarm will get me a discount on my homeowners' insurance. This is good.

Penelope didn't even lock her doors at the B&B until Sam insisted, so I'm sure she didn't have a security system. LOL And by the way, in the first four days of September, Penelope has sold an additional 1200+ copies of the first four books! Book #6 is coming probably this weekend.  That's in addition to about 5100+ copies in August! I'm amazed and delighted. All those good readers make up for the attitude of certain people I have to deal with out here!

Oh, to be in Amaryllis, Arkansas! Sigh.

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