Sunday, September 29, 2013

Conversation with Cubbie

"Cubbie" is my three+ year-old granddaughter. She and her sister have been spending quite a bit of time with me this weekend as their parents execute a move into a new home. She followed me into the utility room this afternoon, and I boosted her up onto the washer as I removed towels from the dryer and folded them. The following conversation ensued:

"Where's your daddy? Do you have a daddy?"
(I knew she didn't mean my father.) "Yes, he lives in Heaven now."
"Why? Did he die?"
"Yes, but I'm sure he's watching you and Hanna and thinking what sweet girls you are."
"Did he get hurt?"
(He died in a plane crash when her daddy, my oldest son, was 7 1/2.)
"That happens sometimes. But I know he's watching you."
The small bottom lip came out, and she clutched polka-dot blanket for comfort.
"I want him to hold me."

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