Monday, September 9, 2013

Another week...

No rest for the weary...or is it the wicked? This week promises to be busy as usual. I'm not complaining--well, maybe a little. The alternative of nothing to do isn't pleasant.

Today I have a lunch-conference with two other writers to discuss a proposal for a 'writers' college'.

Tomorrow I'm back to weeping, wailing, and gnashing my teeth over the genealogical publication, BUT this time I think I've come up with a fix.

Wednesday there's a board meeting for the genealogical group followed by lunch.

Thursday--a ME day! Massage followed by haircut!

Friday is a work-day at the Melting Pot Library (our genealogical library).

Today and Friday I'll be picking up the small person from school.

And then, what? A week-end?

I'm waiting for things to slow down a bit...I thought I was retired!

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Angela Drake said...

I've decided 'retired' is a myth. LOL I'm busier now than when I worked a 'real job'. But I'm FINALLY doing what I LOVE.