Monday, August 12, 2013

What was hiding in the supply closet?

Nothing tall, dark, and handsome (not to mention rich) unfortunately! Of course, I don't really want/need anything like that at this time of life, though striking oil in the back yard would be acceptable.

I've been keeping the supply closet in the study pretty well organized, or so I thought. I love those decorative "photo boxes" which often go on sale at a local craft store 6 for $10. They pretty up my shelves and keep everything in its place. While adding more of the beautiful boxes, I found a few things hiding behind other boxes such as
  • a package of those big rubber bands (I was out but hadn't bought more)
  • a roll of magnetic tape, which I haven't been able to spot at the store
  • my Crayola sharpener
  • two unused sticks of that 'sticky stuff' I used to use in my classroom to hang posters, etc. 
  • the flash drive (minus the protective lid) I used when I taught school lo these many years ago
  • a cheap caculator which still works and which the small person will delight to find in her desk drawer
  • packages of manila envelopes I forgot I bought
  • and enough pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters to see me through more lifetimes than I'll ever live
 What can I say? When I retired, I left behind many things for the teacher who was replacing me, but I took boxes of supplies bought with my own funds. It's been six years this spring, and I still haven't used them up. I probably won't. But I won't have to buy more either.

So the supply closet is once again tidy. Honestly, it stays mostly tidy, but it does need some tweaking occasionally. So now it's on to my middle desk drawer. Who knows what's hiding in there? I'd better get the wastebasket handy just in case...

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