Saturday, August 3, 2013


I've been considering my shortcomings in the social media scene and have hereby resolved:
  1.  to comment more frequently on other people's posts
  2. to retweet more often
  3. to write a review for every single book I read, especially if it is another indie author, but ONLY if I can be at least three-stars positive
  4.  to blog regularly rather than hit or miss--a helpful blog once a week has got to be better than three or four not-so-helpful
  5. to learn to do one new thing every week, whether it be navigating a site I don't understand or the subtleties of posting pics more attractively
 Meanwhile, I still have to get the other four Penelope books launched. To be honest, I bit off a very large, difficult-to-chew chunk when I started out as a newbie with SIX books to get up there! I have to say, the customer-service-support-teams have been very patient.

Now, here's something I've cut and pasted from Amazon. I HOPE it says what I think it does about Book #1, The Bogus Biker. 

 I'm blown away by the number of free downloads and subsequent sales. Here's a BIG thank-you to everyone who has been part of that.



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