Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's a dark and stormy day...I love these kinds of days when I can just stay in and write! Unfortunately, I can't work on my personal stuff today because I'm busy with the yearly publication of a genealogy group to which I belong. With some uncertainty, I took on the job of editor, and I've had a few nights when I've lain awake wondering if I could really make it happen. But bit by bit, with a lot of help and input from the other members, it's coming together.

But if I COULD spend today writing my own personal 'stuff', what would it be? Penelope's proofreader emailed last night to say she's ready for Book #5--and I'm not ready to send it! I need to run one more spell check and put it into PDF for her. BTW, Penelope is doing well on Amazon for Kindle, and I'm properly grateful as well as blown away! Book #4 will go up on the 20th of the month if not sooner. My proof reader is amazing!

The Dreamland Series is crying out to be finished, but Book #1, which I did as a blog novella here, needs to be rewritten. Based on the success of Penelope, I may change tack a bit with this new series. It's always nice to know what someone likes to read.

Next to go up on Kindle will be several  volumes of The Kate Chronicles, and those need to be looked at yet again and formatted.

I have at least two novels begun and never finished--no, make that 4!--but who knows when if ever I'll get back to them? And there's a folder stuffed with story ideas which may never see the light of day!

Still, it's lovely to be busy, to have work to do that matters.

So, taking  deep breath, I plunge forward into this day with a smile and a thankful heart.

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K9friend said...

Judy, I admire your ability to get things done. I need to cultivate a little of your work ethic!

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