Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deadlines: Real vs Self-imposed

One thing about it--I've learned a lot about formatting with MS Word since I started putting up my little tales. And I've had to learn by the seat of my pants in most cases--which isn't all bad, since trial and error generally imprints the process in one's mind (and fingers).

I suppose, despite the frustration(s), the whole experience has given me confidence that old dogs can learn new tricks. Old ladies, too!

Not that I'd set myself up as an expert by any means. Not now--maybe never. But I've learned a thing or two or three, and it's a nice feeling of satisfaction.

Penelope continues to sell better than I ever dared hope she would. The first four books have racked up almost 3600 sales/borrows on Amazon in just over a month, and I still have two books to put up. It surprises me, but then I think I got lucky. Somehow I put together a cast of characters who caught the imaginations--and perhaps the hearts--of some readers. That's a nice feeling, too.

The scary feeling kicks in when I start to wonder if I can ever do it again! One can only try, I suppose, and perhaps The Dreamland Series and The Kate Chronicles will appeal to a whole new audience.
 'Twould be nice.

Then I think about all those hours of formatting and the several stages of proofing, and I wonder more. Hopefully what I've learned will hasten the process a bit. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, I'm the current editor of our genealogical society's yearly publication, and that has to take top priority until it goes to print--and that deadline is coming up. As much as I'd like to make my self-imposed deadlines with these last two Penelope books, she'll have to take a back seat to the aforementioned publication.

Real life crashes in.

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