Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 Who am I? Whoever you say I am. I'll never tell. At least, not right now.

Do I have a past? Of course, I do. Everyone does. A present? Oh, yeah, that's what keeps me busy. A future? I hope so...a future with Penelope Pembroke.

I call her Nell, a good old-fashioned name for a good old-fashioned girl. Okay, she's a woman, not a girl. A delicious, desirable woman, and I can't get to first base with her. Maybe I don't really want to. Maybe that's one of the things I like about her:  she knows what she believes is right, and she isn't backing down, not even if she wants to. I guess just knowing she wants to is enough.

Jake, her father, is a great guy. Sort of reminds me of my own dad who I don't have anymore. And young Sgt. Brad Pembroke--his mother is rightly proud of him. I wish I'd had a son.

Amaryllis is a small town, but it's not immune to trouble. I guess it was for a while, but the days of not locking doors is over. No place is safe anymore, sad to say. But if I had a home, Amaryllis would do very well indeed.

Oh, I heard Abijah bad-mouthed me yesterday. Brad Pembroke refers to him as 'that devil cat'. He's a nuisance, but Nell loves him. At least she isn't of a  'love-me-love-my-cat' bent. He's a fixture at the B&B, so I just have to tolerate him.

Nell's gotten under my skin--in a good way, of course--but sometimes I find myself thinking of her when I need to be concentrating on other things. In my business, lack of concentration can be deadly. Before I met her, I really didn't care one way of the other, but now...well, now I'd like to stick around. Yeah, I'd like to stick around and see if I can get to first base one of these days. And, eventually, I'd like to have a home run, but it'll be on her terms, not mine. And that's okay, too.

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